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Studio name "ATAO" is an anagram from "Art Task - Art sOlutions," which reflects our problem-solving approach to each project. 
It's about understanding what we are actually doing and what our clients really need. This is not the render or the 3d animation - this is a problem solving ..., The solution to many problems associated with the project. Over time, it became clear if there were not even two similar projects - we haven’t to put customers' tasks in the algorithm we do early. But should work every time with a new strategy.


We implement the SCRUM development process and rely on Trello or Miro for workflow management. For clients who have not used Trello or Miro previously, we opt for Google Drive as a simpler and more convenient option. We structure folders in a way that resembles a Kanban board.

For clients who are interested in using Trello or Miro, we have prepared a short set of  instructions to guide them through the process if they are unfamiliar with the platform.

It is so because every time we do exactly this. Solve new problems.
Make quick changes in 4k resolution; model the bridge that will be done in a year near the project; make a quick design of master plan just for render... and here it appears, nice name with short instructions for work.

The essence of working on a project by SCRUM technology is to minimize all the risks by reducing work on a project to a series of short and fast cycles, short-distance races, where you do not do a whole stage in 1 day, but do a pre-stage in 1-2-3 hours and, after agreeing with the client, you calmly finalize it, without the risk of doing wrong.


There are 3 main types of work in architectural visualization:

1 - Static visualization;
2 - 360 ° panorama;
3 - Animation.


Those in the 3D industry understand that time spent on a project is directly related to the quality of the final product. At ATAO, we have the technology and expertise to work on a project from its first presentation from architects to main investors to the final stage of producing commercial renders for sales departments.

This long journey brings:
- The best results at the exit;
- The final cost of the project is lower due to the prepared 3D scenes/materials/modeled environment ... from the early stages;
- More productivity, less paperwork




Atao Studio is a dynamic online community of 3D artists who have mastered the art of remote project management. So we proudly get to the "remote work era", and our done projects speak for themselves. Our portfolio does not contain specially crafted images that take several weeks to create, but rather consists of fully commercial works that were actually delivered to clients one or more years ago because else are under NDA.

We make images that sell. If you're looking for a reliable and experienced partner for your projects, we're currently offering our services at highly competitive rates. Our range of services includes photorealistic 3D renders, 3D animations, and 360 VR experience.

Founded by Stanislav Yef 🡦 in 2020. We're always happy to connect with new people, so if you want to know more about our services, feel free to reach out anytime!

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